PHP X-Ray is now available

4 minutes Read
We are very excited to announce that a new Performance Monitoring tool is now available on all our servers. Developers and users in general who want to optimize their website performance now have a tool to identify and monitor performance issues in their CMS websites (WordPress, Joomla or Drupal). What is PHP X-Ray? With PHP…
WordPress WP-CLI

WP-CLI is now available

3 minutes Read
We are super excited to announce that a new WordPress tool is now available on all our servers. WordPress users who love command line will be happy to find WP-CLI available on all neoxea Hosting Plans. What is WP-CLI? WP-CLI allows you to do multiple things like updating your WordPress, installing themes and plugins, without…

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

4 minutes Read
Any business looking to get a website or E-commerce store online has one overlooked but extremely important decision to make: what type of web hosting to get. There are countless options, from the dime-a-dozen variety of shared hosting services to the extreme of running your own dedicated server yourself and all the hard work, wasted…

WordPress Security Guide 2022

32 minutes Read
Is WordPress Secure? Short answer: yes. But let’s dig into more details as there are things you can do to improve the security of your WordPress installation and prevent attacks and vulnerabilities from affecting your company website, e-commerce shop, or blog. If you’re a neoxea customer, many of the steps required to better protect your…

What is staging and why it matters for your website

4 minutes Read
Web development isn’t a one-and-done thing. Most websites are living projects, constantly updated, fixed and improved; however, changing anything in a website carries a few risks, such as the potential to break pages, features or even the whole site. Staging is a way to avoid a disruption to the regular flow of your website and…

What is an SSL certificate and why you need one for your website

5 minutes Read
Security is an ever-present concern on the Web. Sensitive data such as passwords, usernames and credit card information are regularly sent to and from website databases, creating security risks if a web platform or app isn’t secure. An SSL certificate is one such way of toughening up the security of a website for your users….