Super Fast WordPress Hosting
with Outstanding Support

Whether you run a website, online store, or application, Neoxea has the tools and infrastructure to save you time and empower your business. We back our services with our Support team that replies in under 10 minutes.

Outstanding Support

Outstanding customer support

Whether your website is offline, you have an issue with a security vulnerability, or you need help restoring your backups, we’ll do everything humanly possible to resolve any problems on our end.

Available 24/7

Our highly skilled team is available to answer all your questions 24/7.

Extremely fast

Average reply time is less than 10 minutes, and the resolution is less than 24 hours.

98% satisfaction

Based on rated interactions from our Customers.

WordPress experts

We manage WordPress websites with thousands of daily visitors for businesses that depend on them.

One-click WordPress launch

Ready to go

Our tools are available to save you the time and trouble of downloading, installing, and configuring WordPress manually.

We are here

Need advise about a specific plugin for a given task? Talk to our experts for recommendations.

Fast Launch Website

Easy website migration

It’s free

All hosting plans include a free website migration service. As soon as you get our welcome email with the login details, you can request it from our experts.

No downtime

We manually review your website environment before migration to guarantee a personalized and smooth migration experience.

Managed Security & Updates

WordPress WAF

All our hosting plans include a Web Application Firewall that protects your WordPress environment from many online threats.

6 layers of protection

Attacks come in several shapes and forms, and we cover every angle with a modern cyber security approach through 6 layers of protection on our platform.

Managed Security and Updates
High Performance WordPress

High performance

Next-generation web

Boost WordPress speed by 83% or higher with our Litespeed Enterprise hosting platform. Ultimate performance is available out-of-the-box and requires no setup.

3 layers cache

By default, all websites on our servers can use LS Cache Plugin that you can easily install into your WordPress. It allows you to setup a static cache for files, a dynamic cache that uses memory, and an object cache that leverages memcached service.

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