Why Us

we are passionate about your online business


We are an independent and privately owned company, registered in Portugal.

Our main drive is our passion for your online success, rather than investor’s profitability.


We custom-tailor our Enterprise-grade Servers, from hardware to software, with the primary goal of optimizing and improving your online experience.

We guarantee the necessary raw power to sustain the high performance your websites need with that in mind.

All the resources we use from our suppliers are entirely dedicated to neoxea and never shared with others.


We believe in empowering everyone at neoxea, so every one of us can make the right decision or take the right action whenever needed.

Customer satisfaction is ensuring we do the right thing at the right moment, and everyone at neoxea is empowered to make those decisions.


All our services have simplicity in mind: no hidden contract clauses and no extra costs for additional services that should already be included by design.

For example, all our services include Backup and Email with Virus/Malware Protection and Spam Filtering.


We have more than 10 years of experience hosting websites and managing domains.

We believe that people investment is key to improving and maintaining Customer Success, and that is why we only hire experienced Support members.